Saturday, June 04, 2005

Born Squishy: Link Archive

"They say a little knowledge is a dangerous thing, but it's not one half so bad as a lot of ignorance." ~ Terry Pratchett

Here's a complete list of all the external links from Born Squishy......ENJOY.

Online Resources: (listed Alphabetically)

American Dietetic Association:
- Parents Guide to Nutrition

BBC News:
- Homepage
- England To Have 13 Million Obese by 2010
- Obesity Predictions - Reaction (follow-up to above article)

Behavioral Neuroscience:
- A Role for Sweet Taste: Calorie Predictive Relations in Energy Regulation by Rats (2008, Vol. 122, No. 1, 161–173)

Canadian Chiropractic Association
- Homepage

CBC News:
- Health & Science Section
- Hear & Now: Newfoundlands local news
- Canada Now: Latest headlines.
- Rats! Low-calorie sweeteners linked to weight gain, not loss: study

CMAJ: Canada's Leading Medical Journal
- Homepage
- The Skinny On Obesity: Numerous Articles on Obesity.
- Chewing The Fat on Trans Fats: Low down on Trans Fats.

Food & Drug Administration:
- Homepage
- Health claims about Psyllium Fiber

Flax Council of Canada:
- Homepage
- Flax seed nutrient information

Globe & Mail: National Canadian Newspaper
- Homepage
- Fat Of The Land: How to keep slim.

Harvard School of Public Health: Nutrition Source

Health Canada:
- Homepage
- Food & Nutrition
- Nutrition Recommendations for Canadians
- BMI Calculator

Men'sHealth Magazine:
- Homepage
- The Best Supplements For Men
- The Belly Off Club

- Diet & Nutrition
- Time To Toss The Body Mass Index
- Nearly 1 in 5 Chinese overweight or obese

National Eating Disorder Information Centre (NEDIC):
- Homepage

National Fiber Council:
- Homepage

Prevention Magazine:
- Homepage
- A Pound Lost is 4,800 Saved
- Should I Exercise While Sick?

Statistics Canada:
- Homepage
- Canadian Community Health Survey: Obesity among children & adults.
- Adult Obesity In Canada: Measured height & Weight.

Stellar Pharmaceuticals:
- Manufacturer of NeoVisc a treatment for Osteoarthritis.

- Homepage
- Dietary Guidelines for Americans 2005

Washington Post:
- Homepage
- Just a Few Extra Pounds Could Mean Fewer Years

- Homepage
- 'BMI' a Bust for Predicting Heart Risk
- Exercising When Sick: A Good Move?

WIN: Weight-control Information Network
- Homepage
- Weight Loss Myths

World Health Organization
- Homepage

Food & Supplement Companies/Products:

- Homepage
- Mega Men Multivitamin
- Natural Blend Green Tea Extract
- The Total EFA (Omega 3-6-9)

- Homepage
- 'Go Lean' cereal
- 'Go Lean Crunch' cereal

- Homepage
- 'All-Bran Buds' cereal

Presidents Choice:
- Homepage
- Blue Menu: I love these products....far too many to list.

Restaurants Mentioned:
- A&W is on my banned list.
- Burger King is on my banned list.
- Dairy Queen is on my banned list.
- Harvey's is on my banned list.
- Jack Astors
- KFC is on my banned list.
- McDonald's is on my banned list.
- 'Food Nutrition & Fitness' Read this....maybe you'll visit less!
- Moxies
- New York Fries is on my banned list.
- Taco Bell is on my banned list.
- The Keg Steakhouse & Bar
- Wendy's is on my banned list.

Books: (all book links are now located HERE.)

Movies: (all book links are now located HERE.)

Thursday Funnies Featured:
- Hello Tim a fellow Newfoundlander!!!!!

Newfoundland, Canada:
- East Coast Trail: 540 km coastal hiking experience. VISIT NEWFOUNDLAND.
- Newfoundland Tourism: Rich with history. Rife with culture. Sprawling with natural beauty.

Online Tools:
- - I like this but I don't use it anymore.
- BMI Calculator - For those of you who want to use this as a reference tool.
- Waist-to-Hip Calculator
- Tips For Estimating Serving Sizes

Weight Loss / Exercise Equipment:
- Tanita Scales: digital display of weight and body fat %......I love mine.
- IronMan Fitness: the Elliptical machine that I use is the Achiever.
- Health Bridges: Three steps to alleviate back stress and pain.
- Merrell: Performance outdoor footwear.

Bloggin' Related Links:
- Creative Commons Org. nonprofit org. that offers flexible copyright licenses for creative works.
- BlogPatrol: provides a hit counter, stats, etc. for visitor activity on your blog.
- FatFighter: is a 'Fitness Bloggers Directory. Helps like minded people find each others blogs.
- Google 'Blogger Help Group: a great place to get help for your blogger problems.
- The JavaScipt Source: a great place to find JavaScript for your blog.

Organizations that I support or approve of:
- National Eating Disorder Information Centre (NEDIC)
- Big Brothers
- David Suzuki Foundation
- Amnesty International
- Dove's: Campaign For Real Beauty




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