Sunday, May 22, 2005

Revelation - It's All About Balance

"An idea that is developed and put into action is more important than an idea that exists only as an idea." ~ Buddha

I've had a revelation.

As stated from the get go my overall goal is "To achieve mental & physical wellness by leading a consistent & healthy lifestyle". To be able to accomplish this goal I will have to focus on three key area's of my life:

Nutrition - 1st component of physical wellness
Fitness - 2nd component of physical wellness
3. Mental Health - the path to mental wellness

Everyone knows that nutrition and exercise are important factors for healthy living. Making changes in either will result in health benefits, but its not until the two are combined that the real benefits can be felt/observed. I've often read that nutrition is the more important factor in this equation. Even if you consider this to be untrue, nutrition still presents itself as the greater challenge for me to control. Mastery of food will most likely present me with the key to unlock the door to physical wellness.

Its this third component of "Mental Health" that most people fail to consider when attempting to improve their overall level of wellness. Sure eating right and getting adequate exercise will make you feel better, give you an elevated level of self esteem. There's really no arguing that. But our lives involve much more than just eating and exercising. What about the simple things that we enjoy: reading, playing games, singing, visiting friends & family, etc. etc. Aren't these things equally as important? I think they are. That's why I'm going to also set guidelines for this area of my life as well. To much of my current time is devoted to T.V and the internet. Sure I enjoy both of these things, but there are so many other activities that fall to the wayside that I also enjoy, and are even more beneficial to mental my health.

Once again its all about BALANCE.

So... based on this revelation I will introduce a new guideline
(or expand upon an older one) for each of these components on a weekly basis, until I have a well rounded list to produce the desired result of living a consistent healthy lifestyle.




Blogger Kristen said...

I've come to find that the mental health portion controls a large portion of the nutrition/fitness. I could not seem to control my food intake without first gaining control of the other areas of my life. I finally found/created balance in my personal life, and the weight started melting off (along with some hard work).

Next in importance for weight loss was the nutrition aspect. If we are giving our body what it truly needs, our cravings for junk decreases. Also, it's nearly impossible to lose weight without changing eating habits. I hear that it's 80/20 (diet/fitness), and I would have to agree with this.

Fitness is also key. Not only does it boost metabolism, but it also aids in mental health. I was able to create a new identity for myself through fitness. I take more pride in this than I have in being a much smaller size.

Btw...great blog.

8:18 p.m.  

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