Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Day #50

"Happiness is when what you think, what you say, and what you do are in harmony. " ~ Mohandas Gandhi

You know how you start a posting and get sidetracked or run out of time to finish it? Well this is one of those.....originally intended to be posted on Saturday, Feb.25th.....here it is:

Yesterday I finally registered with www.myfooddiary.com which is an online food diary that helps you keep track of your meals & exercise. It provides charts/reports that help you review your daily/weekly/monthly etc....progress/success.

I spent most of today playing around with my account (when I wasn't shoveling snow)....adding different foods to my fridge, recording my meal/exercise for the past week, checked out the forum area & plugged my blog.

The site has already helped me to identify to problem areas with my nutrition that I wasn't aware of....up until now. My sodium intake was too high & I wasn't consuming enough calories.

The high sodium intake is probably attributed to the lower fat food alternatives that I've been eating. A lot of products tend to add additional salt to compensate for the taste lost due to lowering the fat content of the food.

As for the calorie issue, I just didn't really have any idea just how many calories I had been consuming until their system added it all up for me. I was only averaging about 1875 calories....which is about +200 less than I should be getting as a minimum. I was pretty consistent from day to day, but I was just falling short of the target.

I believe their site bases their nutrition information on "Dietary Guidelines for Americans 2005" as regulated by the FDA .........but I'm not 100% sure about that. I've fired off an email to confirm this information & I'll update everyone soon.

As for my progress overall I'm doing great. I've stuck to my guidelines, I feel great, I smile more. What more can I ask for.




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