Sunday, July 30, 2006

Day 201: Update!

"The first and the best victory is to conquer self." ~ Plato

First off.....I had a great time. It's not ever day you get to celebrate someones 50th wedding anniversary.

Good news: I didn't have any of the following: alcohol, cake, nanaimo bars, potato chips.

The damage: 8 Meatballs, 4 celery sticks with dip, 5 finger food sandwiches (white bread), 6 small wheat crackers, 5 small pieces of cheese, 2 small pieces of kielbasa, 3 Cheetos, 1 date square (size of a quarter, 2 glasses diet Pepsi, 2 glasses of water.

That might seem like a lot.....but considering the lack of healthy selections (no fruit, little veggies) I didn't do too badly.




Blogger Josh said...

When I used to do this, I called it a "refeed" or leptin reset. It actually could help. However, I took that a little far at times.

Netsearch "leptin" and you'll feel better about a little blunder. You're going fine overall. Keep it up.

2:09 a.m.  
Blogger Paul said...

FWIW I think you did great. I'll bet there wasn't that many calories in all of those different foods and the quantities were amazingly good.

You know what drives me crazy though is having to keep track of all the little bits and bites of food. I do it about 99% of the time so I can write it down. Like today when I was out for my B-day celebration I was going "about 2 ounces of pumpernickel bread with 1 tsp of butter, and 2 buffalo chicken wings, and etc. etc. etc" blah - but I did it.

9:58 p.m.  
Blogger ArleneWKW said...

You "didn't do too badly???" Man, you did great! Mightilly great!!

3:57 a.m.  

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