Monday, September 04, 2006

Week #33: In Review

"A light heart lives long." ~ William Shakespeare

This last week was pretty hectic, but the results were better than expected. I lost 1.2 lbs which is great, but I gained .3% body fat which concerns be a bit. This is the second time my weight has dropped and my BF has increased slightly. I know .3% isn't much of an increase -- I just hope I'm not losing weight at the expense of lean muscle mass.

I'm extremely happy about the success of my to do list. I managed to finish up a lot of projects and things that have been hanging over my head for quite some time now. I wasn't able to complete the whole list since the weather didn't co-operate with me, so I just added them onto this weeks list.

What I did well this week:
  1. Mental Health - I put a lot of effort into staying on top of my to do list and I accomplished/completed a lot of work this week.
  2. Blogging - I made a commitment to posting daily and reading up on my favourite blogs which keeps me motivated and on track.
  3. Birthday Bash - I managed to celebrate Sherri's birthday without blowing my progress for the whole week.
Area's that need improvement:
  1. Exercise - Week #33 probably marked my worst performance yet. I need to put far more effort into getting some this week.
  2. Water Consumption - Consistency is key....and its what was lacking last week.
  3. Nutrition - Last week wasn't too bad. Once again the key word is consistency.
  4. Balance - Once again I think the most important thing to consider is 'Balance', which I often find challenging. This week I managed to address my mental health concerns, but at the cost of maintaining my normal eating & exercise routine.
Overall my health is improving, my progress has been pretty consistent and my goals are in sight. I'm looking forward to this week.

I hope everyone has a great week too!




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