Monday, September 11, 2006

Week #34: In Review

"History knows no resting place and no plateaus." ~ Henry Kissinger

Since Sherri's parents left the two of us have been a lot less consistent with our meals. While her parents were here we made a healthy lunch and dinner ever day. After doing so for almost 2 months we've kinda reverted back to grabbing whatever.

My overall effort wavered this week and I have the results to show it. I posted a minor weight loss of .2 lbs and a minor BF gain of .1%. Once again... I hope I'm not losing weight at the expense of lean muscle mass.

What I did well this week:
  1. Water Consumption - I made a conscious effort to drink more this week.
  2. Breathing Exercises - I managed to catch myself getting anxious a couple times this week and I practiced a few conscious breathing exercises to help me calm down.
  3. Mental Health - I managed to get most of my list done...well sort of.
Area's that need improvement:
  1. Exercise - I will put far more effort into getting some this week.
  2. Nutrition - I will remain consistent.
  3. Consistency - I will avoid all or nothing thinking.
Overall my health is improving, my progress has been pretty consistent and my goals are in sight. I'm looking forward to this week.

I hope everyone has a great week too!




Blogger Kim Ayres said...

I think when you can say that your overall health is improving then you are definitely on the right track with what you're doing.

I'm beginning to wond whether I'm plateauing on the weight loss even though I'm still about 30lbs over ideal weight. But even if I never lose another pound, my health is going to be so much better than it was 90lbs ago.

7:51 a.m.  
Blogger TC said...

I am glad I came across your blog. I live in St. John's too! I like your list of what you did well and what needs improving. It is a good way to keep things in perspective. I may try to implement that on weigh-in day on my weightloss blog. Good luck with the exercise and consistency this week.

12:45 p.m.  
Blogger TC said...

btw, I just added you to my blogroll.

12:46 p.m.  

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