Tuesday, April 29, 2008

One Day At A Time

"It's not denial. I'm just selective about the reality I accept." ~ Bill Watterson

I realize that this comes as no surprise (my lack of posts is evidence enough), but the last 2 weeks since my return have been plagued by inactivity, poor eating habits and a complete loss of purpose.

I feel like I lost my mojo.

My lack of success while on vacation didn't help one bit. Don't get me wrong, I had a great time visiting my family and friends, but the trip was really detrimental to the progress that I've made over the last few months. While I was away I was actually looking forward to coming home so I could take back control........ but alas this never materialized.

Although the last few weeks have been less than stellar, they haven't been nearly as bad as past slumps. There's really no need to go into details of what I did wrong or when. It's suffice to state that I allowed myself to get caught up in self defeat and a I allowed myself to lower my guard and let my old habits and routines to sneak back into my life.

Fortunately I haven't gained back a tonne of weight in the process, and the bad habits that have returned are far less severe than they were in the past.

I'm going upstairs now to make a healthy breakfast, and I plan to get back onto the elliptical machine later this afternoon for the first time in 3 weeks. For now I have to just take things one meal at a time.

I hope everyone else has fared better over the last few weeks...... hopefully I'll find the time to catch up on my blog reading soon.




Anonymous jj said...

It's so difficult to maintain any diet and exercise when on vacation! You have much company in that regard, I'm sure.

Main thing is to just get back on track as soon as you can. Wishing you good health and success!

12:45 p.m.  
Blogger Fat Lazy Guy said...

Glad to hear you're getting back into it, man. As jj said, that's the main thing :)

Keep us updated.

7:57 p.m.  
Blogger Yeldarb said...

Git er DONE - Put your foot down and make it happe. May is going to be my most successful month in a while. You can do it too...

2:16 p.m.  
Blogger Kim Ayres said...

The sooner you can slap the brakes on, the less damage you do. If you get back on track in 3 weeks instead of 3 months, then that's progress :)

1:42 p.m.  
Blogger Kim Ayres said...

C'mon Bryguy, stop beating yourself up. It's OK to take a breath and come back to healthier eating.

7:29 a.m.  
Blogger ArleneWKW said...

Yeah, what Kim said.

4:57 p.m.  
Blogger BryGuy said...

Thanks guys and gals.

12:18 p.m.  

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