Wednesday, September 09, 2009

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"I wanted to be an up-to-date King, but I didn't have much time"
- King Edward VIII

I've finally updated my sidebar and sorted out all the links & most of the information. I'm on a much needed vacation, and I'm spending it @ home here in Newfoundland. 2009 has been a really rough year for me. Both of my parents are ill and have been in and out of hospital, which has been extremely hard for me since I'm working out West in Alberta, my home & girlfriend (which I rarely get to see) are back East in Newfoundland, and my ailing parents are in Ontario.

To put things in perspective, I've only seen Sherri 3 times over the last year, and I spent a month at home with my parents. Beyond that I've been working my ass of in Fort McMurray, Alberta.

Food/eating wise I've been a complete mess during my absence from my home (and my blog)..... and my weight/health is proof.

During my visit, Sherri and I discussed this and other related things to great length and we both agreed that we have to make some serious changes in our lives.

I don't have much time to discuss anything right now (it's taken me 3 days to compose this), but I will be posting more during the upcoming days. As an FYI, I work 3 days, followed by 3 nights, followed by 6 days off, so my blogging will come and go in spurts.

I'm flying back to Fort McCrappy early tomorrow morning and it's off to work the next day for the beginning of my 6 day rotation.

Thanks for popping by and checking up on me over the long months of inactivity.




Blogger Twice the Man said...

Sorry to hear of your diffculties, but so glad your back. Let me know if you ever need encouragement!

8:47 p.m.  

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