Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Math 101: Caluclating My Lean Body Mass

"The essence of mathematics is not to make simple things complicated, but to make complicated things simple." ~ S. Gudder

I currently weight 244.8 lbs @ 39.1% Body Fat...... but how much of my weight is actually fat?

To figure this out you need to use the following formula:
(Current Weight x Current Body Fat %) / 100
(244.8 x 39.1) / 100 = 95.72 (# of lbs of body fat I currently lugging around).

Holy crap.... that only leaves 149.08 lbs of lean body mass.

If I take my current lean body mass of 149.08 and add my goal body fat of 15% to that
(Current lean body mass + Goal Body Fat %) = Goal Weight
(149.08 + 15%) = 171.44 lbs

What????? 171.44 lbs???? That's no where near the 190 lbs I thought my goal weight should be. I know that ultimately it's not the # of lbs. one weighs but how you feel and how healthy you are, but 171.44 lbs.??? This can't possibly be right....... is it???

I know guys that weight 160 - 170 lbs and their frames are much smaller than mine.

Hopefully someone out there can let me know if my math is sound.

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