Thursday, January 21, 2010

Week #232: In Review

"However beautiful the strategy, you should occasionally look at the results." ~ Winston Churchill

Okay.... I'm a bit behind schedule on this post, but I had a lot of data entry to do when I decided to switch my food logging from Sparkpeople to my BodyMedia account. I also had to figure out a way to post a PDF file in blogger, which I managed to do via Squibd.

Week #232 was extremely successful, although I was still suffering from back pain for the first few days which limited my activity to almost none at all. This also explains why I have soooo much lying down time in my Summary Report. My nutrition on the other hand was a ten fold improvement over previous weeks, which was evident in the numbers:

Last Week

This Week



254 lbs.

246.8 lbs.

- 7.2 lbs.

Body Fat:

41.5 %

42.7 %

+ 1.2 %

Lean Body Mass:

144.53 lbs.

141.42 lbs.

- 3.11 lbs.

I'm pretty sure the increase in body fat is due to not being hydrated last week.... and the many weeks prior to that. I'm appalled by how high my body fat currently is, which only confirms what I feared; that during my 1 year period working abroad, I not only gained weight, but lost a significant amount of muscle due to inactivity.

Here is a copy of BodyMedia Summary Report. The fullscreen view doesn't seem to work for me.... but I'm not sure what's causing the problem. Hopefully it works for everyone else.

Week# 232 - Summary Report (Jan.4th - Jan.10th, 2010)

I'm looking forward to further success in Week# 233, and I would like to wish the same success for everyone else!

P.S: The calorie information for Wed, Jan. 6th is messed up in the 'Summary Report' due to an error in their software, which I managed to find. I changed my timezone after logging my meals; then I went back and changed the meal info, which apparently confused the software. I was thanked for reporting the error and told it would be addressed in their next software update.

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