Wednesday, February 10, 2010

The Life of Bryan - Episode 01

"I'm a great admirer of cartoons, because I can't do cartoons." ~ Bruce McCall

A few years ago I spontaneously started a cartoon based on my life. The cartoon really didn't have a purpose, other than as an outlet for some pent up creative energy. I made up a total of about 5 cartoons... although I can only seem to find/remember 3 of them. After many hours of searching for cartoons to use on my blog and coming up empty handed, I figured why waste all that time when I could of just made one myself.

I kept the original format, title and content of my previous cartoon, but I changed the colour scheme to mesh a tad better with my blog.

Hopefully this will serve as a creative outlet for me, and provide a few laughs for you in the process.

New to "The Life of Bryan" cartoon... check out the 'Readers Guide'.




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