Sunday, April 21, 2013

Late Night Scramble

"Better late than never" ~ Proverb

Sherri's niece was over for the weekend and we had a blast. For the most part I was very careful about what I ate, and while I had a few minor deviations, I made up for them with healthy choices and extra exercise.

Today was my rest day, which is to say that I don't do anything strenuous, but I don't completely loaf out for the entire day.  I like to at least get in some mild exercise.  Well that's how the plan started.  I made it until supper time without doing anything other than a few stairs to get to the bathroom.  After supper our niece wanted to buy us some ice cream as a thank-you and only to be polite I agreed (okay... I wanted the ice cream).  I ordered a single scoop of Pralines and Cream in cup to avoid the extra calories of having it in a cone, and I forwent the extra toppings.

We watched a movie while eating our ice cream and once the movie finished I decided to plug my body media device in to see where I was at for the day.  I was only slightly over my daily target for calories consumed, but I was way below my calories burned target.

So at 10:30pm I put on a documentary called "Tapped" (will be added to the movie link soon) and climbed aboard the elliptical determined to not let the ice cream impact my stellar week.  I ended up logging almost 70 mins, and spent another 5+ mins pacing behind the couch to cool down.

In the end I'm still going to fall a bit shy of my target of burning +750 more calories than I consume, but that's fine..... it is my rest day after all.


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