Saturday, May 18, 2013

Week In Review: 417

"Better late than never." ~ Unknown
The last few weeks haven't been easy... as you can imagine. Most of my time has been spent between preparing for my move back to Ontario (3500 km away), and trapped in my head with thoughts/emotions of the current situation. Even though we're the best of friends and the split was probably the most amicable in human history, there's a fair amount of stress and emotion that accompanies such a situation.

As far as my relationship with food/exercise and healthy living, my current self is coping FAR better than my former self would've, which is success in and of itself, and it's something that I can be very proud of.

Here's a condensed version of my review for last week.

By The Numbers:

Weight Loss/Gain = -2.5 lbs.
Body Fat % Loss/Gain = -.8%
Lean Body Mass Loss/Gain = Even

Overall Review:

Last week still managed to go according to plan.  I maintained my routine with very little deviation and that is nothing short of spectacular considering my life at the moment.

I hope everyone else had a great week, and is currently having one (it is the weekend after all).




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