Thursday, August 17, 2006

Week 32: In Progress

"When the chairman introduced the guest speaker as a former illegal alien, I got up from my chair and yelled, 'What's the matter, no jobs on Mars?' When no one laughed, I was real embarrassed. I don't think people should make you feel that way." ~ Jack Handey

This week has been going okay. For some reason my Body Fat % has started to creep back up (even from last weeks gain), but I'm not overly worried. Monday, Tuesday went pretty much according to plan with the exception of limited exercise. Wednesday started off okay with the exception of eating KFC for dinner.

Sherri and Jean (her mom) were out shopping and were kinda running late, so Jean suggested picking up take-out on the way home.......which was a very nice gesture. I really didn't want to eat the KFC since I was one day short of going 2 months without breaking my 'Fast Food Resolution', but I have to admit my mouth started to water the moment they walked in.

We decided to eat outside since the weather was nice. Everyone grabbed a plate and helped themselves before going outside. I was given a plate first. I grabbed 2 pieces of chicken, a small amount of potato wedges, a small serving of macaroni salad and a tall glass of water.

After everyone sat down outside someone (doesn't matter who) pointed out that I had grabbed the 2 and only breast pieces which also happened to be the biggest. I was so embarrassed. I offered to switch one of them with someone else but no one wanted to. I really didn't consciously make the decision to grab the only breast pieces or the largest pieces, but I couldn't help but feel like a pig. I didn't enjoy my dinner at all and ended up feeling even more guilty for eating KFC. I thought about that chicken for the rest of the night and much of today.

I couldn't figure out why I made that choice. Was I being greedy? Inconsiderate? A pig? Or did I just grab 2 pieces of chicken off the top of the barrel? I really don't know. Whatever the answer I know that the decision was done unconsciously......even though that doesn't make me feel any better.

Besides being distracted by the whole chicken thing (pardon the pun), I did end up having a better day. I ate well and went out for a 1hr & 10min walk. Tonight a couple that are friends of the family came over to play cards with Sherri, Jean, Roland (Sherri's father) and I. After a few rounds of cards we decided to break for tea and a snack. I plate of cheese, crackers and chocolate cookies was put on the table. I had 5 or 6 crackers and cheese and a glass of water.

After 5mins or so we decided to start playing cards again but the plate of cheese, crackers and cookies were in the middle of the table. Someone moved the plate to the corner of the table closest to me and someone else said "Oh, don't put the plate next to Bryan". My first instinct was that they were implying that I was a pig and would eat everything that was on the plate if it was with-in reach. My next thought was that maybe they said that knowing full well that I was watching what I was eating and were trying to be thoughtful by removing the temptation. Either way I was really embarrassed once again.

I'm not mad at the people who made these comments......there's some truth in them. I'm just looking forward to the day when I have a better grasp on my relationship with food so that occasions like this don't arrive as often.

On a different note, tomorrow is Friday which means that the four of us are heading to Gander for the weekend. I plan on taking my running shoes & scale with me again.........hopefully I'll put the shoes to better use this time.

I'm hoping that I'll have time to post something this weekend......if not I should be able to post something on Monday night when I get back.

Regardless, have a great weekend!




Blogger ArleneWKW said...

It sounds like you didn't eat the chocolate chip cookies. Yaaaay.
As for people's comments, I guess they can be difficult to deal with at times, especially when they touch on the major challenge with which you are dealing. Luckily, I suppose, I'm a bit of a hermit.

3:19 p.m.  

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