Monday, January 25, 2010

Putting A Face To A Name

"A hungry man is an angry one." ~ Buchi Emecheta

When I'm hungry I definitely get grumpy, sometimes angry, but I also feel light headed, queasy and off in general. I'm not just talking about rushing out in the morning without eating and having your first meal late in the evening.... for me more than a 3hr period between eating can cause the onset of these symptoms.

When Weight Watchers first aired the below commercial I immediately identified their "Hungry" mascot as the internal voice in my head that usually convinces me to eat unhealthy, overeat, binge, or to seek food as a quick solution to anyone of a number of emotional reasons to eat.

After beginning to read "Life Without Ed", I've now renamed him from "Hungry" to "Ed" ('Ed' stands for 'Eating Disorder'). After the first time seeing the commercial I tried to find somewhere to order the plush toy online, but nothing was available. After awhile I just gave up looking.

As it turns out, "Hungry" was available for sale for awhile until:
Weight Watchers Recall
If anyone every finds another source to purchase this please let me know!!!! Hopefully they'll eventually start selling them again.

P.S: Although I used Weight Watchers in the past; I'm not advocating their service.... I just really love the 'Hungry' guy in their advertising.

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