Sunday, March 04, 2012

Goodbye 2011

"Dear life, when I said 'can this year get any worse' it was a rhetorical question not a challenge" ~ Unknown

2011 was by far the worst year in a very long time.... if not the worst year ever. The last time I blogged was back in August (6 months ago), and things were beginning to look up since I had a decent paying job that was kicking me in the butt physically. I was shedding weight and adding on a lot of muscle, until I injured myself. I ruptured my distal tendon in my right arm. What's that you ask.... well your bicep is attached by two tendons.

The Proximal Tendon attaches/anchors the upper part of the bicep muscle shoulder joint. The Distal Tendon attaches/anchors the bottom part of the bicep muscle to the elbow. Basically I ripped the tendon right out of my elbow bone. Once the tendon is detached the whole bicep shifts way up the arm. It looks really bizarre and hurts like crap.

Needless to say, my injury put me on the sidelines for the rest of the season. The only way to fix this injury is through surgery, which I had about 5 weeks after my injury. After the surgery you have to wait for new bone to grow around the tendon before you can even begin to start using the bicep again. Being injured and out of a job for 6 months really takes a toll on you emotionally. I struggled with my depression, but I managed to get through the worst of it unscathed.

Towards the end of December I was ready to return to work, but work was finished for the season. During Nov-Jan, I was interviewing for a new job with HSBC Financing. I figured it was time to return to my sales past, which is far safer. I can deal with paper cuts, but my days of physical labour are thankfully over.

That pretty much brings us up to the present. I was finally hired by HSBC on Jan.27th and just finished my first week. I have high hopes for this new job, and 2012 being a much happier year.

I weighed myself last Monday on Jan. 27th and I weighed in at 241.6 lbs @ 36.6% BF...... almost where I was 6 months prior. I started eating better, drinking tons of water, and taking 30min walks during my lunch hour. With the new job, better nutrition, and exercise, I'm already feeling better than I did the week before.

I was once again hesitant about returning to my blog, but I figured that I'd alienated all of my followers anyways, so this blog is more about helping myself than it is worrying about what other people think. The important thing is that I'm back.

I can hardly wait till Monday starts (yeah I know..... remind me in 3 months that I said this), because I'm excited about my new job and improving on my fitness/nutrition measures that I put into action last week.

I have tons of other things to share, but they'll have to wait until the next post. I hope everyone has a great week..... I know I'm going to, which is something I haven't thought for a very long time, and it feels great.

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