Friday, April 26, 2013

Goals & Guidelines 2013

"When it is obvious that the goals cannot be reached, don't adjust the goals, adjust the action steps." ~ Confucius Well here we are coming up on the 8th year of Bornsquishy... oh how time has flown by.  Many moons ago I created some basic goals and guidelines, and I have built upon that foundation as the years have gone by.  I realize that it's almost May, but it's still important to know what I wish to try and accomplish for the remainder of the year.  The following are my updated Goals & Guidelines for 2013 which still focus on 3 categories: Fitness, nutrition & mental health (BALANCE).

At some point in the near future, I'll create a new post dedicated to each of the 3 categories outlining how I plan to accomplish the goals specific to that category using the S.M.A.R.T mnemonic.

Overall Fitness Goal:  With my new job as a Mail Carrier for Canada Post, the need for improvement in my fitness level has become paramount.  Being a Mail Carrier is a physically demanding job that will ultimately help me achieve my weight loss & fitness goals, yet it could also be my downfall if I don't lose weight to keep the abuse to my knee at a minimum.  I need to increase my strength, stamina,   

Fitness Activity Goals:
1. Complete the "One Hundred Push Ups Training Program"
2. Complete the "CIBC Run for the Cure"
3. To start rollerblading.
4. To start hiking (local trails).
5. To start Kayaking.
6. To start Snow Shoeing.

Fitness Guidelines:
1. To upload my BodyMedia collected data daily.
2. To burn +2950 calories each day.
3. To burn +750 more calories than I consume.
4. To get +60 mins exercise each day (50 mins moderate & 10 mins Vigorous).
5. To walk +8000 Steps each day.
6. To purposely park father away from my destination.
7. To allocate 1 day a week to rest.

Overall Nutrition Goals: I recognize that this is one area that needs to be completely overhauled in my life. The funny thing is that I actually well read and educated on the topic. My goal is to successfully use this knowledge and put it into action.  Increasing my intake fruits and vegetables will be my biggest challenge.

Nutrition Guidelines:
1. To log my meals and snacks daily. (Using BodyMedia "Activity Manager")
2. To drink +8, 8 oz glasses of water each day.
3. To eat 5-6 times daily.
4. To eat slowly, chew more and enjoy my food.
5. To consume 5-10 servings of fruit and vegetable each day.
6. To reduce sugar intake as a whole, with focus on reducing/eliminating refined sugars.
7. To reduce sodium intake to below 2300 mg/day.
8. To reduce/eliminate Saturated Fat and Trans Fats.
9. To reduce/eliminate MSG, High Fructose Corn Syrup, Hydrogenated & Fractionated Oils,  Artificial Flavours & Colouring, ingredients that sound like they belong in a chemistry lab.
10. To prepare and eat more meals @ home, while reducing dining out.
11. To eliminate visits to Fast Food Restaurants when dining out. (Banned List)
12. To find healthier alternatives to food I already consume.

Overall Mental Health Goals: In the past I've allowed stress to build up without a means of coping with it beyond the comfort of food... I've always been an emotional eater. My new goal is a two pronged approach. Firstly I need to reduce the overall stress in my life. Secondly I need to create new coping mechanisms to deal more effectively with stress. Achieving/following my above fitness goals/guidelines would be a great start.

Mental Health Guidelines:
1. To get between 7-8 hrs sleep daily.
2. To allocate +15 mins daily to reading.
3. To listen to music often.
4. To research and start practicing meditation/relaxation techniques.
5. To take 2-3 mins every hour or so to take few deep breaths/stretch.
6. To organize and complete a weekly To-Do list.
7. To maintain my blog and relationships online.
8. To keep contact with my friends and family.
9. To have 1 cheat meal and desert each week.
10. To leave work @ work.

P.S: Sherri wanted to know where the "Sherri" category was and I had to explain to her that she was an integral part of the other 3 categories.... to which her response was "but where is the buy Sherri presents goal?". It's going to be a long

I plan to update/modify this list throughout the year!




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